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V&A Innovate Finalists Visit ​​​​​​​


On Thursday 25th November, Year 9 students, Alex Hatt and Lacey Smith, attended the V&A Innovate Finalists Visit following their success in the 2020/2021 Innovate National Schools Challenge.

In the summer term, Alex and Lacey had their Innovate entry shortlisted and went on to pitch their idea for a ‘Waste Reducing App for Fridge Freezers’, tacking the problem of food waste and sustainability, to a panel of judges. Following a successful pitching event, in which Alex and Lacey presented and articulated their design thinking and journey to final concept, they scooped the ‘Student Choice Award’ in the competition – a massive achievement!

Their visit to the V&A Museum in London on the 25th November, provided Alex and Lacey with an opportunity to celebrate their success in last year’s competition, see their work on display in the Learning Centre at the museum and extend their work through a workshop led by artist, Anne Harild, as well as explore the exhibitions on display at the museum.

The day was started by Dr Tristram Hunt, Director of the V&A, who shared all of the shortlisted schools’ entries, including Trinity’s, with Tristram commenting on the impressive creativity and innovation displayed by all of the shortlisted entries. Tristram also commented on the importance of design and technology education in schools for young people and in developing the next generation of problem solvers, innovators and designers – something which our design and technology curriculum at Trinity allows our students to showcase and flourish with.

The students then moved into an experimental drawing workshop with Anne Harild, where students worked in the spectacular ceramics gallery at the museum, in which the students explored different ways of drawing and understanding form of objects, through sketching, wire modelling and drawing with tape, inspired by collection objects and breathtaking views of London architecture visible from the museum. These activities provided both Alex and Lacey with opportunities to explore their creativity and look at objects around us in new and different ways.

Later in the day, the students also got to explore some of the many galleries at the V&A, including the Design 1900-Now gallery, displaying inspiring and iconic designs since 1900 to the present day, many of which are students look at as part of our Year 8 D&T curriculum. The students were also lucky to view the popular Alice in Wonderland exhibition, showcasing design in costumes, set and illustration from the story.

The visit provided the students with an incredible experience with lots of learning opportunities throughout the day to explore the designed world around us in new and different ways and was great to see Alex and Lacey’s success in the Innovate National Schools Challenge celebrated and shared.