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Computer Science

Key Stage 4 - GCSE Computer Science

Exam Board Link: OCR GCSE Computer Science

This qualification covers a wide range of topics related to computer systems, The qualification is 100% exam based with two papers: 

Paper 1 - Computer Systems:

  • Systems Architecture
  • Memory and Storage
  • Computer Networks
  • Network Security
  • Software (System software, Utility software and Application software)
  • Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Impacts of Technology

Paper 2 - Computational Thinking:

  • Algorithms
  • Programming Techniques
  • Producing Robust Software
  • Programming Languages
  • Boolean Logic

Key Stage 5 - A'Level Computer Science

Exam Board Link: OCR A'Level Computer Science

In 6th Form, many students choose to pursue the subject further. The structure of the qualification mirrors the GCSE course, but it does include a significant programming project, which students get to choose!

Paper 1 - Computer Systems:

  • Processors, Inputs, Outputs and Storage Devices
  • Software and Software Development
  • Exchanging Data
  • Data Types, Structures and Algorithms
  • Legal, Moral, Cultural and Ethical Issues

Paper 2 - Algorithms and Programming:

  • Elements of Computational Thinking
  • Problem-Solving and Programming
  • Algorithms

Unit 3 - Programming Project:

  • Analyse a Problem
  • Design a Solution
  • Develop & Test a Solution
  • Evaluation