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Religious Studies

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4, all students follow the EDUQAS GCSE Religious Studies course. This course considers contemporary issues that arise in everyday situations. Students will have the opportunity to discuss issues never before studied in their school life. Students will be able to explore questions about the meaning and purpose of life as well as considering different responses to moral questions.

The students will have 1 lesson per week at year 9 and 11 and 2 lessons per week at year 10 along with numerous opportunities for cross-curricular activities throughout the course.

The course is divided into three components:

Component 1: Philosophical and Ethical studies in the modern world.

Component 2: Study of Christianity

Component 3: Study of a World Faith

This GCSE covers a number of contemporary ethical themes within two world religions, ensuring that students have a diverse choice of intriguing subjects to explore.

Students will be challenged with questions about belief, values, meaning, purpose and truth, enabling them to develop their own attitudes towards religious issues.

Students will also gain an appreciation of how religion, philosophy and ethics form the basis of our culture. They will develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work with abstract ideas, leadership and research skills. All of this will help prepare them for further study.