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School Life

For us, life at Trinity has been unique, with no day ever being the same. Based around the key principles of personal excellence and collective responsibility, every student, with the help of staff and other pupils, work to find an area that their strength lies. Whether that be in performing arts, sport, academia and even interpersonal skills, all are encouraged to take an active part in school life and push themselves to develop even further. This personal excellence is recognised throughout the school and praised upon success, but also when you have tried your hardest, furthermore encouraging each and every single individual within the school to persevere and be resilient. It is this individual strive towards personal excellence that works alongside the collective responsibility to unite the school as one.

With each student taking it upon themselves to do the best they can, the school can be seen as nothing but a confident boost, offering opportunities for students to do this and further allowing them to realise who they are. No matter the student’s ability or talent, there is something for all to take part in at Trinity School. With the unwavering support from staff, the importance of the school motto and how it is taken up by all, a stronger school community is developed creating our unique and special ethos.

This collective responsibility which is learnt and experienced at Trinity is carried with each student into their future, in which it has the chance to develop further. This leads to the development of other life-skills, including independence, an increased sense of team-work, positivity, a good work ethic and generosity. All these skills develop you as individuals in all aspects of life and help you to become the best you can be. All of this can be traced back to Trinity where the key values will still be rooted.    

Trinity School in our eyes is a place where students strive to be the best versions of themselves and the teachers and staff in school support and encourage this. Trinity School is an exciting place to be, full of vibrance and opportunity and offers all students a chance to showcase their individual talents and abilities in all aspects of school life. We, the Head Students, look at our memories created at Trinity with fondness and feel lucky to be part of such an excellent school that offers so much. Our competitive, supportive and energetic school spirit means all students who take part in school and house events are passionate about being the best and working as a team to achieve academic and common goals. The school not only motivates students to develop themselves academically and individually but also encourages them to be rounded individuals who are prepared for whatever the future may hold. School is a big part of a student’s informative life and we feel Trinity enhances this and gives students some of the greatest opportunities.

Alex and Jade
Head Boy and Head Girl


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