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A Message from our Students

As the most senior students in the school, reflecting on our time at Trinity, we feel proud to say that Trinity was our school of choice for our education journey. When we look back to when we were nervous year sevens, we now understand just how crucial the Trinity community welcome was in developing who we are today; from teachers to older students, we all know it is our collective responsibility to ensure everyone is given equal opportunities and feels valued.

We know that Trinity is second to none when it comes to teaching students from different backgrounds the knowledge they need to shape our everyday lives. The patience and determination displayed by the staff is something we are immensely grateful for. Whether it be the arts, sport, or academia, Trinity is home to a range of outstanding teachers who come together to form a close-knit, like-minded and equally dedicated family, guiding and nurturing students and equipping them with the knowledge and skills which will remain with us long after our journeys at Trinity come to a close.

Alongside the caring teachers at our school our hard-working student body, have developed a warm, inclusive environment for all. Since beginning our collective journeys here at Trinity, we feel that the growth and maturity we have undergone can be, in part, attributed to the community of students at our school.  We push ourselves, and each other to be the best we can be, while exhibiting the personal excellence and collective responsibility needed to succeed in our ever changing world. This is seen through the vast opportunities available for students to work with and support those from other year groups, building connections and a collective responsibility by giving students an active role in our Trinity community as well as encouraging personal excellence by providing role models across the board.

From our new IT classrooms and labs, to the dance studio and sports hall, our facilities are excellent Although we are not the largest school, we feel, this is one of the things that makes us unique as time and support is always available from our teachers.

We believe that the new facilities being created as our school expands, mirrors how adaptable Trinity is to change, this was prominent in lockdown where teachers were passionate to keep students engaged with school and remind them that they were still there for support. As students we also feel heard, staff take into account feedback and respond by creating an environment where everyone’s needs are met and students are nurtured to excel in everything they do.

Isaac and Mia

Head Students


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