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A Message from our Students

For us, Trinity School has always been a very welcoming, close-knit community of students, teachers and staff, with a network of people always willing to help and support you. This sense of collective responsibility develops key life skills, including teamwork, cooperation and communication, that will help our students to succeed wherever they may end up in life. Trinity aims to provide a safe environment where students feel comfortable to talk to someone about what is important to them, and that the school community will support its students throughout everything; the good and the bad. Trinity has a wide variety of student leadership roles that are integral role in ensuring everybody has the academic and pastoral support they need.

Trinity understands that everyone is unique and we all have our own individual lives and interests, and thus we cater for everyone, whether you are interested in academia, the arts, sport or something completely different, to foster personal excellence. Everyone in the Trinity School community should feel comfortable to use their voice for what they feel is important; this is supported through our student forums such as Student Voice, which incorporates diverse programmes such as the Green Ambassadors, Young Health Champions, Anti Bullying Ambassadors and Peer Mentors.

We believe that Trinity succeeds in making all of its students feel comfortable in our community, but we also know that Trinity challenges and stretches its students to achieve to be their very best allowing students to gain key life skills such as confidence, positivity and individuality. The wide range of opportunities offered by Trinity helps students to discover new interests that may lead them to exciting and diverse futures.

Although every person in the Trinity community is unique, Trinity highly values teamwork as part of our collective responsibility. This is seen particularly through our House system, which encourages friendly competition between students in a wide variety of House competitions and in their everyday learning. A key pillar of the House system is the concept that there will always be something for everyone to get involved in and everyone has their own part to play, which creates personal excellence for our students through collective responsibility within the school community.

For both of us, it has been a pleasure to be a student at Trinity School for the past seven years and seeing the school develop and grow over the course of our time here. From the moment we first set foot in Trinity on our first day of Year 7, we felt a unique sense of community that made us always feel welcome and supported, to push us to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Trinity’s collective responsibility helps us to foster and encourage personal excellence across our school community, and that is what makes it unique.

Harry and Rebecca
Head Boy and Head Girl


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