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Talented Humanitarians

The Humanities Talent programme aims to inspire the next generation of environmentalists through focusing on sustainability issues in our school and developing tangible solutions to create a greener community.

This term, The Green Ambassadors have been completing a survey of how sustainable our school is. This is in preparation to apply for the 'Eco Schools Award'. They have looked into areas such as energy use, sanitation, food miles and green space, and next term we will be creating our action plan of what issues we need to tackle. As part of this award, the students have begun to formulate ideas for their display work, and also on how best we can start educating the wider school community about the wider environmental issues faced by Trinity, but more importantly what we can do to improve them.

The overall aim for the Green Ambassadors this year is to achieve the Eco Schools Award. We have done the initial research, but the real work now lies ahead on how we are going to make positive changes to our school environment.