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Vocational Studies

The vocational faculty at Trinity represents a diverse array of optional subjects and disciplines. What brings us together as a Faculty is our professionalism, our sense of purpose and desire to provide the best learning opportunities and environments for the young people we teach.

We work hard to ensure our students reach (at least) their target grades if not their aspirational grades. Many learners continue their learning journey with us into sixth form. Students believe that we have their best interests at heart. We guide learners through the curriculum with an eye on their future career pathways and point out how curricular areas link to future job roles and lifelong learning.

Vocational faculty staff recognise the very important role that we play within the lives of the young people we come into regular contact with. We demonstrate high standards of professionalism, but are also sensitive to the feelings and concerns that young people experience. We take every opportunity to bring our subjects to life through real life examples and experience and want to extend the learning to outside the classroom so that students are continuously curious and learning when away from school.

As a faculty, we put particular importance on rapid and practical feedback, which can have very positive effects on educational outcomes. We recognise the importance of building strong foundations of mutual respect. Our homework tasks are promptly marked with dual emphasis’ on praise as well as constructive advice on how to further improve. This approach follows over into coursework tasks across KS4 an KS5. Students know that we expect high standards and will not accept anything less than their best work.

Students love learning our subjects. In part, this is because teachers are passionate about their subjects and speak in an engaging and enthusiastic way about what they teach. This faculty also believes in sharing resources with learners through firefly. Our teaching materials are available through the platform and can be used to aid revision as well as completion of homework and class based activities.