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Trinity School Trinity School

Trinity School

School Development Plan

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Aim Objective

Every learner an outstanding learner

  • Secure excellent quality outcomes for all students
  • Encourage students to have high aspirations and clear plans post Trinity
  • Secure excellent behaviour for learning within and beyond the school
  • Ensure a smooth transition to the new SEND code of practice to secure excellent outcomes for all
  • Increased parental engagement cooperation and support
  • Develop a high performing and effective student voice
  • Become a High Performing Sixth Form

Every teacher an outstanding teacher

  • Provide regular and effective staff training and provide a successful and comprehensive teacher training programme
  • Ensure all staff are confident in developing students' literacy skills
  • Staff use ICT to support and enhance learning

Every opportunity taken to develop excellence

  • To develop an excellent Iearning environment and site
  • To work with Governors to develop a robust and effective Self Evaluation programme