School Trips

A large range of trips and activities are organised by the staff of Trinity for the benefit of the school and these form an enjoyable high point in the life of the school for many students. It is our intention that every child should be able to go abroad at least once during the five years of compulsory education and should regularly take part in off-site activities, which are arranged throughout the school year. A full programme of the activities planned for the school year is issued in advance so that parents may plan and decide which activities are most suitable for their children. Some examples of those we currently run are trips to France and Germany for students to experience life and speaking as part of the MFL courses, as well as trips to the Peak District to study physical and human Geography and trips closer to home in London to see West End Productions and galleries.

As in all schools, there are strict guidelines on charging for trips and visits. Parents may be asked to make voluntary contributions for any visit or journey organised by the school and approved by the governors. Unless these activities are financed in this way, the school is unable to fund them. We are pleased that parental support so far has meant our trips are able to run smoothly. Those parents who have difficulty with costs should discuss this with the Head of House or the Headteacher.

When students are away on a school trip, updates will be given to parents through our various social media channels.

Below are the letters and documentation in relation to our upcoming trips.

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