Parenting Classes

Do these pictures look familiar? We know that being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging.

At Trinity we offer free parenting classes to assist parents overcoming difficulties with their teenage children. For more information please contact Tania Weatherley, Family School Support Worker, on 01635 510500 or

Testimonials from our Parents

"I feel really pleased to have met and spent time with Tania and Tasha. They are helpful, empathetic and I feel that I am supported going forward as well as now."

"Loved it!"

"A professionally run course but with a calm, relaxed atmosphere. I would have no problem recommending the course to other parents."

"Tania and Natasha have been really great fun and informative. I have enjoyed and looked forward to my Tuesday evenings. I think every parent should do this course."

"Excellent course - recommended to all parents. Very enjoyable and well led to ensure learning with a bit of fun!"

"Thank you for such a fun yet professionally run parenting course. It was so good to meet other parents going through the same concerns and worries.  My son commented that I seemed much calmer after attending the course."

"Thank you to Trinity for giving us the opportunity to do this good ten week informative course. A great course ran by Natasha and Tania. The ladies put us at ease and it became a fun ten weeks to attend where we not only learnt but had a laugh as well. Meeting and becoming friends with other parents, Tania and Natasha was a great bonus as well.  We had two great evenings with P.C Tim Emery which I think every parent should attend even if they think they know about Internet safety, drink and drugs. I highly recommend this course and would definitely attend more courses if there are any. Tania and Natasha are great ambassadors for the school."

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