The restaurant is open daily providing healthy and nutritious breakfasts, break time snacks and lunches. A variety of food is available from rolls, sandwiches and salads to cooked meals and desserts.



We are pleased to introduce our new school caterers, Culinera. From April 2024, the restaurant and other outlets offer a wide variety of exciting dishes to try with a real focus on healthy and nutritious food. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy and dishes available for every budget; for example, we offer half-sandwiches, whole fruit, marketplace hot snacks and our famous showcase meals. Find out more and by clicking on the link below.

Culinera - Trinity School

Cashless Catering

Students are provided with a restaurant account on the schools' cashless catering system, which uses a biometric scan of their finger. Parents are then provided access to ParentPay, a convenient and secure way for parents to pay for school meals online, reducing the need for students to carry cash and the time spent queuing in the restaurant.

More information can be found on the ParentPay website.

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