The Trinity PTA is a school organisation that is made up from parents, teachers and interested members of the school community.

The role of the PTA is:

  • To raise money for the school
  • To provide a social outlet for the school community
  • To involve parents in school activities
  • To help the school develop strong, positive links with the local community


How do you become a member?

Everyone who joins the school automatically becomes a member. New parents are given a booklet about the PTA and the PTA meetings are widely advertised through Trinity Matters and the school website.

What do I have to do?

The school relies on volunteers and the PTA is an opportunity to become involved in various school activities. Without your support, the PTA would be unable to function, and so the PTA aims to involve as many parents as possible for each fundraising to encourage parents to take an active roll in raising much needed funds to help our children reach their potentials. You can be involved as much as you are able; it could be for a one off event or as many as you are available for.

As you are aware, school budgets throughout the country and very tight and barely cover the basics, such as books, computers and other resources which are vital for helping our children reach their full potential. Even through careful management of the budget, there is a need for additional funding to assist the school in providing children with these much needed resources. Trinity strives at all times to provide a quality education, with quality resources but this is sometimes not possible within the constraints of the school's budget. Therefore, the PTA and you the parent can help the school provide resources that are lacking and ensure that every child’s experience at school is enhanced and memorable.

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