Applying for a place at Trinity

Although Trinity School is part of an Academy, and therefore independent, West Berkshire Council still administers admissions on our behalf. 

The West Berkshire Council admissions process can be viewed here.

Further Information

More information can be found in the Trinity School Admission Policies below or by contacting the West Berkshire School Admissions Team, via email on or by calling 01635 551111 and asking for the Admissions’ Team

Admissions Appeals

West Berkshire Council act as the Newbury Academy Trust’s Admissions authority.  Therefore, any parent not offered a school place at their preferred school has the right of appeal to an independent appeals panel. This can be for a place at one or more of your preferred schools and against an alternative school place that has been allocated by this Council. Information on how to appeal will be provided with the result of the application, which you will receive from the Council. Appeals must be lodged by the dates set out in the coordinated and in-year admissions scheme for the normal admissions round or within 21 days from the date of the offer or refusal letter. You're allowed a minimum of 20 school days to submit an appeal - the notification of the decision you receive will tell you what the deadline for appeal will be.  For more information contact

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