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Wednesday 21st June saw 34 talented Year 8 students from Trinity School take part in a full day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) activities.

The day was organised by the Head of Design Technology, Mrs Wakeham-Thomas, supported by the Head of Maths, Mr Grubb, and the STEM Coordinator, Ms French.  

The students started the day with paper aeroplanes, investigating the aerodynamics of different shapes. They used their mathematical skills and more than a bit of trigonometry to predict and test how far their paper planes could fly. They then moved on to some fascinating physics theory to learn how aeroplane wings are shaped to give lift.  Finally they made and tested their own planes; one designed to fly long distance, one designed to do stunts.

It was an extremely successful event with the students involved and intrigued throughout the day.  We at Trinity are very proud of the whole team. Watch this space for more STEM days in the future to get our Year 7s and Year 9s thinking!