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Trinity Students visit the National Space Academy

Virtual reality, particle colliders and robotic data banks were just a few of the amazing pieces of cutting edge technology that 30 of Trinity School’s Year 10 students got to see on Friday 12th January. The day started with The National Space Academy holding a master class on A level physics to help demystify the maths behind the physics we learn in school; including sub-atomic particles, probability and statistics.

Ms Joy French, the Science teacher who accompanied the students said, “The students did Trinity proud, learning a great deal of incredibly cool science that is three years ahead of what they’re currently learning in school. “

The event was held at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory at Harwell, so working scientists and engineers were on hand to answer questions and show the students what they might really do if they were to follow a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) career.  The students were taken on tours around some of the most advanced computing and physics facilities in the UK and they got to try out a virtual reality simulation of the International Space Station.

Organisers said that Trinity school “stood apart from the others” and that the Year 10s were “a credit to the school”.

Ms French said “We are extremely proud of them and can’t wait to see what these talented students might achieve in their GCSEs and beyond!”