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Dance Fest 2018

On the 10th and 12th July 2018 over 300 students from Trinity School in Newbury performed as part of the school’s annual Dance Festival. This year’s theme was musicals, and numbers ranged from The Greatest Showman to Bugsy Malone and Fame. The performers were made up of students from years 7 – 13, and comprised an outstanding and eclectic mixture of both class work and extracurricular company repertoire. All students in years 7 and 8 perform annually in the show, giving an equal and unique opportunity to the key stage 3 curriculum; in addition to extending the performance and choreographic skills of the key stage four and five dancers.

The hard work, dedication and passion of the performers was clear to see, from the huge opening number which consisted of 70 students, to the finale where all students were celebrated equally and emphatically by a sell-out audience.


‘Performing for me was a huge learning experience as you get to work with a variety of dancers with strong individual skills. This has helped me further develop my sense of personal style, and is always a highlight of my school year at Trinity.’ (Molly Calow, Year 10 GCSE Dance Student)


‘I continue to be exceptionally pleased and proud of the Trinity students and their commitment and dedication to Dance and Performing Arts. The students worked so hard both during the rehearsal period and on the performance nights. Our only problem now is how to top this next year’ Amy Gale, Head of Dance, Trinity School