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House Speeches at Trinity School

On Thursday 13th June, Trinity School hosted its  annual House Speeches competition. This year, it was expanded to include all of the Newbury Academy Trust Schools, welcoming Fir Tree School and Speenhamland School to the competition.

All of the speeches from the evening were based on the theme of ‘Inspirational Quotes from Literature’. The speeches were all the student’s own work and ideas.

Our annual House Speeches competition is a fantastic demonstration of talent, which we have across the Newbury Academy Trust. Additionally, it highlights the best qualities of our young people at Trinity, Fir Tree and Speenhamland.

The results for this year are as follows:

Primary Competition

Lower Key Stage 2 Best Speaker – Poppy-Kay Huntley - Fir Tree School

Lower Key Stage 2 Winning Team – Florence Chalk, Jessie Murphy and Poppy Josling – Speenhamland School

Upper Key Stage 2 Top Speaker – Tiger Greening – Fir Tree School

Upper Key Stage 2 Winning Team – Swathi Sivabalan, Niamh Breslin and Carys Pritchard – Speenhamland

Winning Primary School – Speenhamland School

Trinity Competition

Best Speaker – Sophie McNey – Dragon House

Key Stage 3 Winning Team – Sophia Cates, Zoe Carter and Hannah Biddulph – Phoenix House

Key Stage 4 Winning Team – Seb Goodwin, Max Fowler and Mia Pounds – Phoenix House

Key Stage 5 Winning Team – Talia Blake, Millie Burdett and Ellouise Greenall – Griffin House

Winning House – Phoenix House