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Trinity School is open for all students. Please refer to the ‘Back to School Guidance – Feb 2021’ for further information.

Please refer to the ‘Back to School Guidance March 2021 for further information.
We are currently providing home testing kits for Lateral Flow Testing for staff and students to complete at home.  Further information can be found by clicking on the links below:
The home kits contain 6 tests, not the 7 as we were led to believe. As per my previous email we would like tests to take place at home on Sunday and Wednesday evenings starting from Sunday March 14th. There is a sufficient number of tests to ensure testing can be completed weekly up to the Easter break. We will issue more tests when further shipments arrive, and we will text you when these have been issued to the students. The instructions provided with the kits are self-explanatory and provide all necessary guidance to administer the tests and there are numerous videos online that show you how to carry out a test. Attached are also further documents form the NHS providing guidance.


All tests (whether positive or negative) must be reported to the Track and Trace Online Portal (the website is given in the test kit instructions) and any positive tests should be reported to Mrs. Thomas in student reception at, 01635 510503. Negative tests do not need to be reported to school.

The link below will take you to the NHS privacy policies which explain how an individual's data is used when participating in the testing process:

If you have decided that you would like to change your mind regarding consent and would like to be involved in the home testing process, please contact Mrs. Thomas in student reception.