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Trinity School Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare Workshop

The ‘Young Shakespeare Company’ came to Trinity School on Tuesday 4th April to present a Romeo and Juliet Workshop to Year 10 students.

Set in an inner London comprehensive school the company took an old tale and gave it a thoroughly modern setting and twist with their engaging interpretation of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Students were encouraged to participate both on stage and by contributing suggestions, for styles of performance plus tone of language, from the auditorium.

Edward Hawkins stepped into role as Peter the Messenger, delivering his one line with great aplomb, whilst Brandon Low strutted his stuff as Paris ‘Elvis style’ during the party scene. With carefully woven in songs from ‘Grease the Musical’ there was something to appeal to even the most reticent Shakespearian scholar.


The students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and made the following comments:

“I learnt that there are many ways to make ‘Romeo and Juliet’ your own – you can choose where it is set, the time period and how the characters will perform the roles”

Amy Thomas

“I enjoyed the modern touch on the performance; this made me understand the story/plot more”

Charlie Nicholls

“Today I learnt that a script can be interpreted in many different ways and how to remember line/quotes”

Ada Tomas

“We enjoyed how they made the setting modern and the fight scene was very funny”

Matt Carlyon & George Pope


Charlotte Wilson, Headteacher, said “This was a great day for our students to interact with actors on stage to gain a greater understanding of Romeo and Juliet; this will definitely support their exam work in English.”