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Trinity School Trinity School

Trinity School

Ethos & Values

We are very proud of all we achieve in our school.  Our mission is to provide excellent education for all and dramatically improve the lives of our children and young people by providing high-quality education and experiences.


To achieve our mission we expect our children and young people to:

  • have high expectations in all they do
  • respond positively to challenges
  • develop a love of learning that remains a lifelong legacy
  • take increasing responsibility for their own learning
  • show respect for each other and their environment.

In support of this quest for excellence our school:

  • provides the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • expects high performance and has high aspirations for all
  • provides personalised support for children and young people where it is needed
  • provides outstanding facilities and the best environment for learning
  • works in partnership across the schools in the Trust
  • combats disadvantage through effective use of pupil premium funding
  • works with parents and carers to engage them in their children’s education

Our Ethos and Values

Our School provides high-quality learning in a safe, caring and purposeful environment that supports children and young peoples’ personal and academic development. We value the diversity that exists within our schools. We recognise the worth of each individual, helping them to develop a positive self-image and a ‘can-do’ attitude.

We equip our children and young people with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to achieve success throughout their education. We prepare our children and young people for roles as tomorrow’s leaders. We inspire them to reach for their dreams, act responsibly on their beliefs and be ready for future success.


Seven Year Learning Journey
At Trinity, we encourage every student to get involved and take every advantage of all that is on offer.  In every classroom our ‘Seven Years at Trinity’ Learning Journey reminds students of all the opportunities available to them, we encourage each tutor group to plot their achievements and milestones and celebrate their own and each others’ success.