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Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we study the OCR A course. This has a balanced, engaging and accessible focus on the UK and its varied physical and human geography in Year 9 and 10, followed by an exploration of the planet and its interconnections in Year 10 and 11. As well as this synoptic and challenging approach, there is also a firm emphasis on enquiry, curiosity and investigative work, with at least two field trips over the course of the two years.

The course develops the following skills:

  • To actively engage in the process of Geography.
  • Fieldwork and investigative skills through trips
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of Geographical concepts.
  • To promote awareness of the environment.
  • To acquire and use Geographical vocabulary.
  • To make informed Geographical decisions.
  • To use Geographical skills.
  • To develop and apply their learning to the real world.

Unit 1 — Living in the UK Today:

  • Landscapes of the UK
  • People of the UK
  • UK Environmental Challenges

Unit 2 — The World Around Us

  • Ecosystems of the Planet
  • People of the Planet
  • Environmental Threats to our Planet

Unit 3 — Geographical Skills

Fieldwork – two day trips and one weekend residential

Key Stage 5

At Key Stage 5 we offer Geography A Level. The course is split into 4 key components:

Physical Systems

  • Glaciated Landscapes OR Landscapes OR Dry Environments
  • Earth’s Life Support Systems – The Water Cycle, The Carbon Cycle and Climate Change
  • Short structured questions based on knowledge and data response and skills

Human Interactions

  • Changing Spaces, Making Places – Urbanisation and Re-development
  • Global Connections – Trade, Globalisation, Migration and Power
  • Short structured questions based on knowledge and data response and skill

Geographical Debates

  • Climate Change, Disease, Oceans, Food Supply, Natural Hazards
  • Short structured questions based on knowledge and data response, PLUS essay question

Non-Exam Assessed Investigation

  • Independent investigation into any area of Geography on the specification
  • 3,000–4,000 words; internally marked and externally moderated