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Pegasus House

Miss L Pacheco

Head Of House


"Dream big, fly high"

The Pegasus House is a fearless House, one that encompasses the relentless determination and ambition to be successful, but also the purity in being a compassionate House and one that has a strong sense of morality. This is steeped in the legend of the Pegasus who is known for being courageous and righteous.  

I am extremely excited to present to you, the new Pegasus House at Trinity School! This House was established in 2022 and as of September, we will see the first cohort of students officially joining the Pegasus family. There has been a real buzz around the school since the launch of Pegasus House, and so many students have taken this exciting opportunity to join me in building a new legacy at Trinity School.  

Our Pegasus students are extremely hard working, who shine not only academically, but also through their relentless participation in House events. Participation and community spirit is integral to the Pegasus House which prides itself on having real commitment in trying to win the House Cup in our first year! Compassion is also a core part of our ethos, and our older Pegasus students demonstrate this impeccably each and every day, by being positive and active role models for the younger students in the House. I am inspired by their continual acts of kindness.   

We are incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic and energetic set of tutors in the Pegasus family. As Head of Pegasus House, I am truly proud to see the positive relationships between staff and students. I know that each student feels cared for and nurtured during each stage of their school journey. I feel these traits are what sets Pegasus students on the path to success.   

Miss Pacheco, Head of Pegasus House 

"I am proud to be part of this new chapter at Trinity. As a Pegasus family, we try to be the best version of ourselves, the change we want to see." 

Words from Ellen Moore- House Captain