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Physical Education

Key Stage 3

In years 7 & 8 students are set in ability groups and will discover how to develop their performance in a number of practical activities such as netball, football, basketball, fitness, cricket, rounders and athletics. They will also be given the opportunity to develop their ability to lead/coach and officiate through student led activities/lessons.

Key Stage 4

Core Physical Education

Students will have 2 hours of core PE a week, during which they will cover a wide range of sports and activities aimed at promoting enjoyment, core fitness, coaching and officiating.

These sports will change on a half termly basis and will include:

  • Netball
  • Striking & Fielding games
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Athletics
  • Alternative activities, such as dodgeball, table tennis.
  • Handball
  • Fitness

The emphasis of PE at Key Stage 4 is to :

  • Develop and enhance personal ability
  • Develop leadership skills further
  • Develop officiating roles further
  • Encourage all students to identify sports and activities that they could continue with post 16
  • Develop active and healthy lifestyles
  • To enjoy sport!

All students will referee, umpire, coach and lead warm up and cool down sessions within all lessons, allowing them to develop their confidence and leadership skills. Students at Key Stage 4 are required to wear full PE kit for all lessons.

GCSE Physical Education

Students will follow the AQA GCSE Physical Education specification. This includes a wide variety of areas to cover, such as:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Movement analysis
  • Physical training
  • Sports psychology
  • Socio cultural influences
  • Commercialisation of physical activity and sport
  • Ethical issues
  • Health and fitness
  • Use of data
  • Practical sport – individual and team sports

The course has a mix of practical and theory lessons; students will find a lot of the theory is also taught with a practical element to reinforce learning .

Key Stage 5

The new AS and A-level Physical Education builds on students’ experience from Key Stage 4 and GCSE to enhance their knowledge and increase their understanding of the factors that affect performance and participation in Physical Education. The new AS and A-level Physical Education will be 70% theory and 30% non-exam assessment (practical performance) of which 15% will be based on students assessed in the role of player/performer or coach and 15% will be analysis and evaluation of performance. This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams and submit all their non-exam assessment at the end of the course.

Key units in the course include:

  • Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport
  • Factors affecting optimal performance in physical activity and sport
  • Practical performance in physical activity and sport