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School Development Plan




Excellent Achievement and Outcomes for all

1. KS3:

  • All students make more than a year’s progress on average in terms of their reading age during the academic year as measured by our Accelerated Reader Programme at KS3
  • In KS3 students will make at least 2 stages of progress
  • KS3 assessments are rigorous (testing the knowledge and skills in the curriculum) and allow for appropriate intervention
  • Embed the new assessment system so progress flight paths are understood by students and parents and feedback supports further progress.

2. KS4: 

  • Progress 8 of all students is positive
  • Progress of PP students is at least in line with their non PP counterparts
  • SEND students continue to make excellent progress at least in line with non SEND students
  • Progress 8 scores for girls and boys are within 0.1 of each other.
  • Attainment Targets - English/Maths 4+ 60%, English/Maths 5+ 34%. 
  • For each group Attainment 8 is at or above the national average
  • Increase the number of students studying and achieving the EBACC pathway

3. KS5

  • A Level ALPS Score of 3
  • Attainment Targets – A level – A*/A=>30%, A*-B=>60%, A*-C=>85% A*-E =100%
  • PP students are tracked through KS5 and achieve progress in line with their non PP counterparts
  • Students who receive a bursary achieve in line with their counterparts
  • Retention rate is 70% or above KS4 into KS5
  • Retention rate is 90% or above Yr12 into Yr13
  • All students improve their grades in English and Maths resits.
  • Closing the gender gap to ensure girls’ achievement matches that of boys.

4. Career Guidance:

  • NEETS 0% (September 2020)
  • At KS5 all students who wish to go to university or undertake level 4 apprenticeships are supported to do so

Resilient and High Performing Students

  • Ensure all students enact and embody our ethos of ‘Personal Excellence and Collective Responsibility’.
  • Develop a new homework strategy to allow students to build upon their learning and embed knowledge
  • Embed student voice and leadership opportunities across the school to allow all students to access roles and responsibilities within the school community
  • Develop a coherent character education experience for all students
  • Develop a whole school target setting system for students to ensure they are clear about their progress and how to reach their goals
  • Grow the ‘Talent’ programme to ensure all talented students are able to demonstrate and develop their abilities to reach excellence.
  • Ensure all students have opportunities to be inspired and advised about career/future pathways

High Performing Staff

 1. Staff continually develop their practice to deliver high quality Teaching and Learning by:

  •  Using Faculty time effectively to share and continually develop best practice.
  •  Staff regularly self-assess and actively manage their own performance management.
  •  Staff work collaboratively to develop and strengthen practice within faculties, across the school and wider Trust as part of the Disciplined Enquiry Programme

2. The School to continue to establish itself as an effective training provider

  • Developing training opportunities for staff at all levels.
  • Giving staff opportunities to lead on CPD within and outside of the school.
  • Continued growth of the School’s Direct programme
  • Growing own staff expertise through accredited programmes e.g. Master Teachers, Lead Practioners, NAML, NLE, SLE.

3. All staff promote the school’s motto of PERSONAL EXCELLENCE and COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY within the curriculum and throughout students SMSC development, including the promotion of British Values, to ensure students feel safe and supported through:

  • Staff training to the appropriate level in all aspects of safeguarding.
  • Reformed and targeted PSHE curriculum that meets students’ needs.
  • Effective use of tutor time with high standards expected from all students
  • Using the behaviour system to create a culture where students excel. 
  • Achieve silver accreditation within the RRSA framework