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Talented Mathematicians

KS3 G & T club

The KS3 G&T club meet every Wednesday lunchtime. Attendance is voluntary and on average eight students attends, ranging from yr 7 to yr 9 inclusive.

The type of work we do is solving mathematical puzzles. Students are encouraged to write their solution on the white board so that it can be discussed by the other students who are often able to offer an alternative solution or improve the solution being offered.
The type of puzzle they attempt to solve have included the bridges of Konisberg which lead on to the Chinese postman puzzle.
Another type of puzzle that they have had to solve is…
The diagram to the right shows a big room with dimensions 12ft x 12ft x 30ft. There is a spider aligned in the centre of one square wall, 1ft from the ceiling. There is a fly on the opposite wall, also aligned in the centre, but 1ft from the ground. What is the length of the shortest path the spider can take to the fly, assuming it stays on the walls and the fly does not move?


Solving this puzzle involves incorporating different aspect of Maths that they will have been exposed to over the years and putting them all together in a way that they may not have experienced before.         

Answer - The shortest path possible is 40ft (the ‘direct route’ is 42ft). This involves opening the box to create a net and then using Pythagoras