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Year 9 Computer Science


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6


Primary Storage

Secondary Storage

Units of Storage

Data Storage


Number Systems




Compression Algorithms

Networks and Topologies

File Handling


Key Terminology and skills


String, Integer, Float, Variable, Constant, Assignment, print, input, output, function, concatenation

Number conversions between bases

Programming Skills – logical comparisons, gates and data types

Image representation and storage


Sound representation and storage



Video tutorials available for students on all aspects of string manipulation 

Lossy and lossless Compression:

Comparisons and experience

Programming practice and demonstrations:

Tutorials available for all key skills as well as differentiated tasks.


Networks and topologies:

Advantages and disadvantages as well as practical uses.


Sequence, selection and iteration to solve problems.


Skills all taught through interactive tutorials on firefly as well as in person demonstrations with 1 to 1 support during lesson as needed.

Students will support each other in their project. A great opportunity to put their programming knowledge into practice.

Firefly Links*

* Firefly links will only work for Trinity staff members, students and parents.


Key questions on firefly within each section. These are linked to past paper questions and required knowledge.

Students complete revision tasks during lesson time. Every section on Firefly has “revision tests” that students can use to self assess their progress. Teacher support helps to ensure that all students meet their objectives.

Students regularly make use of past paper questions which are worked-through in groups. All firefly sections have past paper questions embedded as well as mark schemes.


Students will be set up to 90 minutes of homework per week. Typically, these come in the form of Firefly tests which contain a range of question types, from multiple choice questions to extended writing activities. These homework tasks will aim to support the learning that takes place in lessons as well as recap of previous topics.